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Lexin Happy Crane
  • Lexin Happy Crane
  • Lexin Happy Crane
  • Lexin Happy Crane
  • Lexin Happy Crane
  • Lexin Happy Crane

Lexin Happy Crane

Product Details

Happy crane

Dimensions: 750 wide, 14000-18000 high, medium quality

Engineering vehicle excavator site standard machine Le Xin anime excavator

Name: Happy Crane

Size: w1450*D1450*H1220(mm)

Power 600W

Weight about 230KG

Scope: Children's Paradise, Video City

Game description

1. Put in the token and press the start button.

2. Operate the joystick to move the purchase/suspension to the appropriate position.

3, press the button, the hook machine / crane to get the gift, put it to the exit

4, remove the gift from the pick

design concept

Children are full of curiosity and interest in construction machinery. The engineering family design and starting point is to establish a perfect integration with children's video games and construction machinery.


Features: The robot digs the gift machine, the mechanical sense is exquisite, the lighting is colorful, the sound is bright and lively, and a wide variety of candy, gifts and toys stimulate the baby's taste buds and eyeballs.


1, innovative products: independent research and development of engineering machinery theme. Full of mechanical sense, yellow main color dazzling

2, sucking gold weapon: diversified gifts, better cause children's squatting, so that business revenue increased


Product advantages

Flexible strategy: change gifts at any time, put them on the field and differentiate them from other products, and attract the attention of players.

Popular explosions: the most popular gift machine, high-end chassis, quality assurance


Show details

Signature excavator

Full of mechanical sense, exquisite and chic simulation engineering family series, fun and fun

The variety of gifts can be changed according to needs, such as dolls, candy, toys, etc.

High simulation simulation project can stimulate children's imagination and hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination ability

Beautiful and colorful gift outlets

Children's simulation ladder, adding fun and fidelity to the machine

High quality buttons for more comfortable handling and outstanding machine quality

Support customization

Whole planning