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Le Xin Hua Qiang
  • Le Xin Hua Qiang
  • Le Xin Hua Qiang
  • Le Xin Hua Qiang
  • Le Xin Hua Qiang
  • Le Xin Hua Qiang

Le Xin Hua Qiang

Le Xin Hua Qiang
Product Details

Product parameters

Power: 400W

Voltage: 220V

Number of people: 1-3

Size: 2700mm*2780mm

Name: Flower Thousand Drum Entertainment Machine


Description of the game: spend thousands of drums, 2018 new children's drum machine! After the coin is selected, select the favorite song, and tap the drumhead according to the screen prompts. The game ends with the reward of the lottery ticket according to the score!

User-friendly design: (reduced version)


Design concept: This product uses multi-re-technology, new technology, new materials, and wonderful dynamic sound effects, coupled with exquisite lighting, can enhance the taste of its own venue.

Lightweight and convenient to move

With a machine, hand-pushing with a machine, flexible and lightweight, one can move freely

Multiplayer rides

Children's gun

Double triple

cartoon character

Coin to play


Show details

High-definition LCD screen gives you different visual impact and feel

The high-end atmosphere of the fuselage, the lines and smooth, beautiful shape, can improve the popularity of the venue and the rise

Drums, drums: As the scene switches, the lights start, flashing different delays, more dazzling

Tongli well-known coin machine

High recognition rate with powerful anti-counterfeiting technology

Good quality, anti-coin, anti-card, no food, etc.


Applicable scene: video game city Children's park Mall Supermarket (with scene map)

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