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Lexin gift machine
  • Lexin gift machine
  • Lexin gift machine
  • Lexin gift machine
  • Lexin gift machine
  • Lexin gift machine

Lexin gift machine

Lexin gift machine
Product Details

[*1] 1 basic parameters:

Product Name: Gift Agent

Product Type: Gift Machine

Use voltage: 600W

Power source: 220V

Number of demos: single/double

Product size: (length * width * height) 1700 * 1350 * 1980

Operation instructions: (with a sub-size chart) In the game, the player operates the turret to control the small squirrel to launch the fruit cannon, which mainly exercises the player's observation ability, reaction ability and attention.

When a fruit cannon hits a small animal in the air, it gives the player various points, virtual gifts, and virtual item rewards. Real gifts and small gifts on the machine can be redeemed when a virtual gift of a certain value is accumulated.

[*2] 2Products:

Lexin animation factory direct sales

High visual magical forest theme

The combination of wonderful games and gift machines

[*1]3 Applicable scenes: playground, shopping mall, pedestrian street, doll shop, cinema, airport

[*2] 4 details show: details determine success or failure, we make every detail

High intelligence ticketing artifact HD LCD screen

User-friendly scan code payment

Thickened acrylic plate console,

According to the colorful neon lights of more than 100,000 times, it is far from attracting others' attention.

Tongli's well-known coin-operated machine has high recognition rate and strong anti-counterfeiting technology.

Good quality, anti-coin, anti-card, no food, etc.

Personalized stainless steel gift bar

Creative design, full of fun

[*2] 5 practical functions: aluminum alloy frame is bulky and hard, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic top is matched with cool and colorful LED lights and French-style style. It can also attract a player and a beautiful scenery.

While playing the game, you can also exercise the player's observation ability, reaction ability and attention, and it is a kind of entertainment way of relaxation.

Automatically forbidden payment in case of lack of currency/failure. Automatic refund if failure occurs after successful payment. Network timeout automatic refund. Automatically detect whether the box is normal after installation.

[*1] 6 private custom: to map custom sample appearance sticker replacement style structure customization

[*1] 7 special customized whole plan (tailored for you)

Develop a solution based on the size of different stores - station services to solve many problems for you

Machine design / site layout planning / shop decoration renderings

Own R&D lab Years of R&D experience One year free maintenance Ex-factory price, no middlemen

[*1]8 customer testimony: case talk

Popularity, profitable business opportunities are in front of you, what are you still hesitating?

[*2]9 company strength: office factory real shot R & D room R & D equipment Detail display

[*1]10 frequently asked questions

Motherboard problem: The motherboard has a short life span, insufficient functions, and is not stable enough.

Power problem: short circuit, power supply burnt, insufficient voltage, etc.

The game is not enough: the customer experience is not natural enough, not enough

Still enduring these?

Have you ever calculated various quality problems, impact performance, time wastage, and loss before the economy? ——Choose our products, the problem here is not a problem here.

[*1] 11 after-sales protection:

Strict control and return standard

Thorough inspection of the machine before shipment. Packing the machine with bubble film. Reinforce with wooden frame. Final loading and delivery.

Note: Customized goods shipment time is generally about 7 days, please be aware

[*1]12 After-sales service: caring service Only for quality

One-year warranty: 

Within one year from the date of purchase, the main components of the machine, monitors, etc. (except for vulnerable parts), non-human-induced performance failures, without modification, Contact the customer service warranty with the order number purchase record.

Lifetime maintenance: 

from the date of purchase of the pro, in the normal operation, the main components of the machine, the display, etc. (except for the vulnerable parts), non-human performance failure, without modification, with the order number Purchase record Contact customer service to enjoy lifetime maintenance, if you need to replace parts, only the cost of parts is charged.

Trading process: 

Since the product is a large item and the amount is high, the parents can choose either online trading or contract trading. The contract transaction must be paid 30% deposit first, and the goods must arrive at the local logistics point. The logistics point checks and pays 70% of the balance, and finally picks up the goods. If you find that the product is damaged, take a photo and contact customer service immediately!

Shipping instructions:

Since the products are all large items, they are all logistics and distribution. All products are quoted without shipping, please contact customer service! Please check the goods first when picking up the goods. Due to product specificity, in addition to the product itself, does not accept any form of return! In the case that the machine is not unpacked, due to personal reasons, the return shipping is borne by the buyer!


When inspecting at the local logistics point, if it is found to be damaged, please take photos and collect the certificate and then contact customer service to solve the problem. Due to the bumps in the transportation process, there may be some minor problems occasionally during the use, only a little debugging is needed. Yes, if the installation and commissioning are still not available, we can mail the relevant accessories for you. Since the freight rate of the large machine is relatively high, it is not recommended to exchange the goods because the same problem may occur during the replacement process. Please understand. .