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Hurry to collect, grab the doll machine skills big exposure!

Announcer:LeXin  Date:2018/10/20 11:13:23  Views:919

Every time I come to the cinema, I have to go to the doll machine to turn around~~ However, the skill of catching the doll machine is actually very simple, do you believe it?

In fact, your favorite doll machine is actually skillful to follow. How can we catch it smoothly? Let's take a look at the skills of catching the doll machine today.




About button

Sometimes when the count is finished, it may be easier to catch the doll when the clip is dropped. (not necessarily)

More accurate is to press the button clip to fall, and press it again when the clip catches the doll to enhance the claw force. Specifically, it is to press the 1/3 of the height of the doll to press the whole one. When the clip is completely finished, the natural power of the object is usually not enough. Most of the machine's claw force is stronger when pressed twice, and the weak claw force is useless. It's actually useful for some machines, it allows you to tighten the clips at the right time, making it easier to catch.



 clip (advanced skills)

Clip the left and right clips, let the clip swing to the left and right, and find the time to press the drop button. When the claws are caught, the doll will be thrown to the exit.

Note that the position of the clip should be calculated. After the doll is clamped, the clip will not relax at this time. When it is retracted, it will swing. When it is at the top, the clip will usually be released, but our doll will be smashed into the hole. Haha.




This method sounds very good, it is much safer than the clips, but it is difficult to aim, so the success rate is not high, RP is very important.

Roll into the hole

This method is to let the dolls fall behind and roll directly into the hole. Generally speaking, when the slope exceeds 45 degrees, it is easier to roll in. If it is less than 30 degrees, it is more difficult. The method is that when the clip is falling, do not stand in a vertical line with the doll, and the clip should be slightly closer to the hole, so that the clip will have a pulling force to the exit when it is recovered. This method is suitable for machines with low heights in the hole stop. It is best to have a machine with a small 


[Catch the doll local version]

You can first clip a few to let him fill the hole, then roll it or push it with the previous method. It will be easier. I can't bear the fact that the child can't fit the wolf. It is better to do some padding than to keep getting a big drop. You can let a hook pass through a part of the doll, such as a tag, a rope, a doll's clothes, etc. This method has a high probability. There is also a doll with a suction cup. The hook hooks the rope of the suction cup. After the clip is put together, the doll is often pulled down and caught in this way.

Grab the doll version

The first thing to know about these two things:

1. It is definitely not which one you want to catch, but which one has the conditions to grasp it (this is the first line between novices and experts);

2. No matter how powerful the master is, it is impossible to make a secondary preparation.

Know the following points, you will know which dolls have the opportunity, and which dolls you can’t catch:

1. The general doll opportunity to pile up a large number of dolls on the side of the machine to attract the attention of young men, but those dolls are outside the range of the claws, don't be confused by them. Generally speaking, only the dolls in the center of the machine have the catch. conditions of;

2. The principle of proximity is the only principle, but the dolls around the exit are very difficult to operate, because the claws will naturally open when they fall, and it is highly probable that one paw will be affected by the exit edge;

3. Closely dependent dolls are difficult to grasp due to the strong interaction of each other, and need to be carefully selected;