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Do you make money with the doll machine? How to catch the doll machine? Tell you in 3 minutes

Announcer:LeXin  Date:2018/10/20 14:17:43  Views:991


Doll machine introduction

The doll machine is a “powder artifact” in places such as shopping centers, which in turn is nourishing the market for doll machines. The game machine with gambling color, with its unique psychological torture form, attracts more people to “enter the pit”. With the development of the times, the things in the doll machine are no longer single dolls, but the dolls are still the main force.





How to catch the doll machine?

Although the doll machine can debug the probability, Xiaobian shares your tips here.

1. The clips of the doll machine are generally composed of three pieces. When catching a doll, it often encounters the angle of the claw and the expected discrepancy. When the clip falls, one of the roots will fall on the doll or deviate from the grabbing point, so it is very important to turn the clip.

Turning the clip is actually very simple, that is, the joystick is rotated 360 degrees quickly, the clip rotates and the angle changes. When the clip stops shaking, you can grab it, but pay attention to the time. Turning the clip is very fun, but don't be addicted. When I went to Wanda today, I found that the time of the doll machine countdown became 15 seconds, depressed. It used to be 30 seconds. . .

Also be aware that when the clip is on the side, don't turn it. It will knock on the glass of the machine, and the boss will marry you.

2, dolls are a very practical technology, such as the larger dolls, or the bears and pigs of the two-headed doll, it is best to grab from the body and neck of the doll, if you go from the head of the sitting doll Clip, the clip has no grip, and the doll is easy to fall. If you really like this doll, I suggest you pay for the first two coins and put the doll down and grab it.

The method is very simple, that is, the clip is slightly dropped, so that one claw is placed on the head of the doll, and the other two claws are obliquely grasped on the body of the doll. After the clip is retracted, the doll will be pulled down.

Note that the position should be mastered, you can use the rotating clip ~ and there are too many obstacles around the doll, this does not apply.