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Do you need to pay attention to the details of the doll machine dolls?

Announcer:LeXin  Date:2018/10/20 14:28:17  Views:975

  Customers who operate doll machines may have encountered such problems. They are operating a doll machine in a city. If they lose money, others can make money. Today, Lexin animation technology is introduced for everyone, so that you lose money. A very important factor may be that you have problems with the dolls placed in the doll machine during the business process.


The doll inside the doll machine is a very important factor for the customer. Because the reason why everyone will go to play the doll machine is the doll in the doll case. Therefore, for the customer, no matter which doll machine is selected or the doll is selected, it should be considered from the perspective of the consumer.

According to Lexin Animation, we have communicated with various doll machine customers for many years, and combined with our own experience to introduce some skill problems that need to pay attention to the dolls in daily operation.

1, doll machine doll update cycle

1 The dolls of all the machines are placed in one-third of the dolls in 10 days, and the gifts for the previous month are all updated in one month;

2, doll machine doll added

2 When adding a doll, the bottom layer should be crowded and the bottom is not visible. Then the dolls are placed one by one on the upper layer. The doll faces the customer. The doll and the doll, the doll and the exit must be kept at a certain distance. It is easy to catch a single doll; it is recommended to put a telescopic rod on the front of the back of the doll machine, and put two dolls on it for display purposes, so that the guests can pass by and can clearly see the appearance of the doll and stimulate the desire of the guests.

3, doll machine doll neat and orderly

3 A doll is placed inside a doll machine, which makes the dolls in the doll machine neat and orderly, highlighting the professional attitude.

4, doll machine doll can be clip

4 When there is no customer, put the messy dolls neatly, and the fallen dolls should be put upright and right, and the gaps in the clips should be filled with the dolls. At the moment, there are dolls to be clipped, and there are dolls in the state of clips!

5, doll machine doll planning activities

6 You can set up 10 small gifts to redeem a big gift, and put a sticker notice on the eye-catching position of the doll machine. Stimulate consumption!

However, here, the doll machine customers need to pay special attention to it, that is, do not put your own doll machine to grasp the intensity is too high. The specific situation should be set according to the local consumption habits and the cost of their own investment. Only when you are under a "relative fairness principle" can you let your doll machine run for a long time without drinking and quenching thirst.

Of course, the type of doll machine in each place is different from the doll's likeness, and the types of people of different ages will not be the same. Therefore, customers should know how to choose the local area in the specific business process. Market doll machine and doll. If you really don't know which type of doll machine and doll type you should choose, you can also investigate which doll machines are already on the market. Through actual investigations to understand what kind of doll machine you should buy, and choose the kind of doll best.

Choosing our Le Xin animation, there is no such problem at all. Our company can directly sell the factory price to the customers, there is no middleman, so under the same quality, the price has a huge advantage. We are professional and you are relieved!