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How to operate the gift machine that focuses on the experience?

Announcer:LeXin  Date:2018/10/20 9:55:00  Views:933

  When the online physical business realized reconstruction, the mobile Internet infiltrated into the amusement industry, the gift machine became a popular entertainment mode for consumers in the fragmentation time, and it became the main force of the playground revenue.


Gift machine placement and decoration

Since the gift machine covers a large crowd, especially a doll machine, it is suitable to be placed at the entrance of the venue to attract customers. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the machine and the style of the venue, combined with the appearance of the machine, gifts, placement area and popular IP, the theme decoration, to create a different theme gift cluster, such as bear gift machine area.

Gift rate return setting

The core advantage of operating a gift machine is that it uses the exquisite gifts and interesting gameplay to arouse the consumer's "small and big" mentality, but this is a subjective psychology. If the management method has not undergone many scientific measurements, it is difficult. Grasp the probability.

The rate of return is an important link. It is directly related to profit. Therefore, it is reasonable to set the rate of return from the single-handed gift machine. Generally, it is reasonable to set it at 15%-25%. If it is too high, the cost will increase accordingly, too low and lose its appeal. There is also a set of formula for the rate of return: the success of the gift in exchange for the value of the coin = gift value × 2 currency value.

The currency value here refers to the overall deposit and withdrawal of the currency within a certain period of time, not the unit price of the electronic currency in the venue, such as 1 currency/yuan. For example, when the venue is normally sold at a price of 1 yuan, a coin-issuing activity is launched in the middle. The normal currency is 10,000 in the month, but when you donate 2,000 coins, your currency value should be 1÷1.2≈0.83. Assume that the value of your gift is 10 yuan, 10 × 2 ÷ 0.83 ≈ 24, so the gift here will be about 24 coins to successfully obtain once. This probability will ensure that the gift machine is not interested in consumers while creating profits.



Gift selection and placement

The choice of gifts should be based on the consumer group, in line with the psychology of the consumer group. For couples and students, the choice of gifts, in addition to considering the time background and environmental factors, generally, the choice of gifts is more creative, personalized, novel and unique things, such as couples participating in the park activities, playing the machine, the actual It is an intimate social behavior. The two are ways to promote emotional communication. They care more about the interactivity of the process and the commemorative value of the gift. Gifts should be fresh in nature, meet environmental standards, and consume materials. And according to the setting of the rate of return, choose the added gift (the gift manager must understand the value of the gift), and according to the size, shape, color, in different forms, often placed in the gift machine. If some gifts can be decorated with stacking paper or stacked side by side, so that the gifts inside the machine appear more colorful, creating a sense of beauty, triggering the interest of customers, and sometimes make customers do not bother.

Gift management

For gifts of gift machines, the three links of entry, exit and storage must be accurate. Gifts for gifts must be kept by a dedicated person and the value of each gift must be known and registered. The number of gifts added to the machine should be accurate. Use the computer management software to set a special gift box for the gift machine for accounting.

Gift counting and statistics

The inventory of the gift machine gift should be synchronized with the statistics of the machine out of the box or the number of system card swipes, and count once a week. The main counts the number of gifts sent by the gift machine and the amount of stock gifts, and accounting, and calculate the return rate of each machine according to the card swipe situation, through analysis, adjust the operation. The inventory should be followed up by the foreman and the warehouse to ensure that the data is true.