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In-depth analysis: Have your gift machine or venue encountered these problems that bothered you during the operation?

Announcer:LeXin  Date:2018/10/20 10:48:05  Views:1158

When it comes to gift machines or doll machines, most people may think of gifts, machine appearance, store planning activities, management, services, etc. In addition, the maintenance of gift machines and the decoration of the venues The problems of the transformation and upgrading of storerooms and storefronts are also negligible. These factors are sometimes related to the development of the entire storefront. For these details, here are some professional insights to share with everyone.

About the maintenance of the gift machine or the doll machine.

From three aspects, as the producer of the gift machine, in addition to the relevant manuals of the normal game machine, it is recommended to use the popular communication means, such as video APP, WeChat public number, etc., to debug the machine, especially Sectional debugging, gripping and other parameters that affect the customer experience are debugged into micro video or long image. One is easy to spread, and the other is video with voice, long image with text, and key markers that are easy to express things and highlights. Practitioners with weak foundations can quickly grasp the key points.



A small-scale chain gift house or chain doll machine shop should properly train one or two people with experience in maintenance and adjustment. In addition to repairing the machine, this person should also pay attention to the data and pay attention to the information such as the drop rate of the doll.

The maintenance problem of the machine is a problem that many store operators are worried about. Compared with the gift shop, the problem of the gift machine is not too big, and it is even more impossible to equip with professional mechanics. The maintenance problem not only interferes with the operation, but also is annoying to the operator. How to solve?

First, go to a local person who repairs home appliances to work part-time. Repairing home appliances, excluding those who installed air conditioners and repairing refrigerators, did not mean to devalue them. Professional people do professional things. We can find them scattered in the hutong. The earliest ones can repair TV, and can repair Those of the board. This method is equally applicable to other video game devices.

Second, several companies joined forces to share a maintenance staff. Doing the same thing in the same city is not necessarily a complete competitor on many levels, it may be a competing person.

Third, the operators themselves learn the professional skills in maintenance. This requires the operator to first have some basic things, such as the use of a multimeter.

Fourth, go to the machine manufacturer to do a simple training. Can have a face-to-face understanding with the after-sales personnel, in the later stage of the machine maintenance problems, there will be no deviation or few deviations.

Fifth, for after-sales personnel, after-sales service is only one of his jobs. To maintain basic respect and etiquette, you can get more help from the after-sales staff.



As the owner of the gift house, you need to learn some basic knowledge of the doll machine, especially the matters that should be paid attention to in the debugging and operation of the machine parameters. Just like opening a pancake shop, at least the pancake pot should be used. As a kind of tool for making money, the doll carrier is definitely not a good place to do the shopkeeper. It is not much to buy a machine that can make money by powering on the machine.

About the decoration of the gift shop or video game city.

In the case of a special gift shop, whether it is light decoration or re-decoration, it is necessary to make a decision according to your actual situation and the situation of your own machine. For example, in the Guangzhou exhibition in April, there were some doll machines with very beautiful appearance and eye-catching appearance. The beautiful chassis is self-contained. In this case, it may be necessary to weaken the decoration of the venue. This also applies to the princess style of Yingpin Technology. On the contrary, if it is the appearance of the ordinary chassis, we may have to strengthen the decoration of the store.

To be able to accurately convey a style, such as cool, industrial style, cute, cute, etc., not necessarily all-inclusive, because it is impossible to meet everyone's aesthetic requirements, most gift machines or specialized doll machine stores can only retreat Second, meet the needs of some people. Nowadays, the romantic pink is very popular. More and more peers are doing very well, both in appearance and in gifts, but these styles are hard to show whether it is re-decoration or light decoration.

As far as the traditional adult video game stores are concerned, the operators who specialize in chain stores think that they are more inclined to focus on the atmosphere and the theme, and lightly decorate. They will make different themes according to different seasons, and will also decorate the theme according to the main doll series, and will also make arrangements related to the mascot of their store. There are some differences between the customer base of the video game city and the general doll house. It is aimed at a relatively fixed number of players. If you don’t “change”, the player will “become lost” and continue to give them a fresh sense to maintain high popularity. And high probability.

About the storefront, the warehouse warehouse setting.

From the point of view of management, it is absolutely necessary. For example, in addition to the 50m2 warehouse in the site planning, the Guangxi Special Telecommunications City will temporarily rent a warehouse around the store to handle holidays according to the festival. Doll needs.

First, it is convenient to timely replenish and update the goods during the operation process.

Second, it will let customers feel the charm of the warehouse. In other words, the warehouse is also a kind of decoration.

Regarding how the site is transformed and upgraded,

(shop-in-shop) upgrade problem.

In the game amusement machine industry, the conventional practice is that there are not many transformation directions for video games and children's parks. The adult video game city will change to adult + children's park, and will push from the neutral machine + entertainment machine to the coin + lottery. + Doll Machine + Children's Swing + Big Project This comprehensive video game city transformation is only for adults or children. The operation of the doll machine and the lottery machine is relatively tested and operational. It requires more support from operations and marketing activities than other game consoles. In the past, some machines and simulators that were easy to make quick money basically bought a game machine and plugged it back. Powering up is almost as popular as money, but doll machines and lottery machines need to consider more operational skills, including research and changes in doll drop rates, how to use ticketing rates and exchange rates, purchase and display of gifts, etc. This is a matter of testing the capabilities of the operations team.

The transformation direction of the children's park needs to be added to the part of the game machine. Why do you say this? There is a professional business park for children who believes that the children's business is basically no one from Monday to Thursday; the second is that the children's project is a single consumption than the game. The cost of a single machine is higher, but the same time of consumption, the revenue of the game machine is significantly higher than that of the children's project. In the limited business peak period, there are games and games without a game machine, the operating income is still different, of course, the premise It is in the normal venue, there are some children's parks doing very well, the single-day income is much higher than the revenue of the video game city. According to a professional who frequently visits the market in the industry, the income ratio of game machines and children's projects in a well-known children's playground in China is 6:4. The game consoles that children's parks join should be based on award-winning game consoles, such as the parent-child interactive machine, the lottery machine for the prize ticket, including some experience-type water jet shooting machines, suitable for parents and children. Gift machines, swing machines for teaching and learning, etc.

There are a lot of shops now carrying out the renovation of shop-in-shops, such as the transformation of the doll machine area in the traditional video game city. This is a trend that allows the game consoles to be regionalized and feels different from the senses. The area of the game console is not the same, it is not a store in the store. The previous video game city is not very concerned about the creation and packaging of the atmosphere for the model. It should not be the case in the future, because the effect of the atmosphere creation and packaging is still very good.


  Whether it is a transformation or a store in a store, it is necessary to cater to consumers at the same time. It is also necessary to have its own characteristics. Games with award-winning games and strong experience will be the mainstream of the future market. Doll machines and lottery machines are promising. Practitioners should spend more. More time is in operation. The children's market also needs to be distinctive and lasting innovation (just new in the eyes of children). Nowadays, the products on the market are more innovative in appearance, and the innovation of content and mode is slightly less. Although the amusement project is just a prop, But there are more props, new ones, and more selling points.