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Enterprise tenet: customer first, strive for innovation, market internationalization

The company has taken the responsibility of promoting the development of China's amusement and amusement industry, adapting to the country's vigorous development of the entertainment industry requirements, highlighting the main business of entertainment services, amusement equipment development and game related, following the customer experience as the core and high-tech innovation as the driving force to build The development strategy of the modern enterprise with the amusement and amusement as the pillar, using the two methods of production R&D and network operation, exploiting the two domestic and overseas markets, pursuing the maximization of shareholders' interests and social benefits, and building the company into a scientific management, large-scale operation and market. Internationalized world-class amusement game equipment company.

Business philosophy: pioneering and innovative, quality excellence, advancing with the times, and honest cooperation

Pioneering and Innovating - To fulfill our development needs in internationalization, we must take the initiative in fierce international competition, or break the new situation of creating amusement and amusement, create value for enterprises, create value for partners, and create value for society. . Accumulate bit by bit, do the best for routine work; be brave in change, turn "innovation" into work normal

Excellent quality - regard product quality as the life of your own life and business. Firmly establish the awareness of "quality first, customer first", treat product quality is never satisfied, and strive for excellence.

Advance with the times - Formula is committed to the development of high-quality amusement game products, to make responsibility and contribution to the amusement industry, and to take the road of scientific development!

Integrity and cooperation - establish strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers, and sincerely cooperate with relevant circles to form a stable and healthy community of interests, and work together with industry colleagues to achieve win-win results and create brilliant future.

Corporate vision: As long as there is a crowd, we have our amusement equipment!

Core Values: Developing technology with customer experience, benefiting the public, providing customers with real and lasting value